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Why Rich does what he does.

While some photographers are busy trying to create “art” and many of the rest are just going through the motions, Rich obsessively creates images that create desire, inspire trust and increase sales for his clients. All around him he sees companies using images that don’t show what makes them unique. Images that don’t build trust. Images that won’t increase sales. And it bothers him. Truly, Rich agees with the famous advertising genius David Ogilvy who said  “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

He loves his work and he loves helping others. Every decision he makes is driven by a desire to create beautiful images that quickly and simply communicate quality, create desire, build trust, and increase sales for his clients. He knows that if his images increases sales, they’ll come back for more. He does and they do. Several clients have been with him for well over 20 years.

A lifelong learner, he practices kaizen, or continuous improvement. He’s always thinking about how to deliver better quality and value for his clients. He genuinely wants to help his clients succeed. His images enhance their image and increase their sales. His images are capable of providing a very high return on investment. 

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