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Product Photos that Increase Sales

Do you want a website or brochure that will attract new customers and increase sales? Then you need images that create desire, communicate quality 
and inspire trust. You need great images because we buy with our eyes.

Have you ever thought about the lifetime value of a customer? That's how much money your company loses every time someone doesn't respond to your marketing and takes their business elsewhere. Money your company might be losing right now because they just leave your website or toss your brochure.

Since people compare websites and brochures to decide what to buy, you're seen as second rate if your images aren't top quality. Because we buy with our eyes, better photos always win, it's only a question of who has them.

How Rich is Different

Rich combines skills as a Philadelphia product photographer and a Photoshop expert to create digitally enhanced photos of products, people, architecture and jewelry. Images that enhance your image (and sales). All of his photos are sold royalty-free with a 100% no-risk guarantee. He's been in business over 30 years near Philadelphia, PA.

Since Rich does all of his own retouching and compositing, your product shots are ready to go for print, web or displays. Rich understands exactly what needs be done to create the image you want, and provides solutions that most photographers can't. Because his images are royalty-free, there are no added fees to reuse them for other purposes or additional time. Use them as long as you want and for whatever you want. They're exclusively yours - they won't be resold. You can get years of use out of them.

Can't Come to the Studio?

You can get your product photos e-mailed for review. You’ll also have the option to access a private website for downloading your finished product shots, so they can be delivered anywhere in the world - FAST!

Give Rich a Call

Rich currently has a very limited number of openings for new clients.
Contact Rich to set up a free, no obligation discussion of your product photography or jewelry photography needs.



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